Best Mom Ever Freshie

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Those ugly trees are out and freshies are in! Offer your customers a handmade freshie for their car. Not only are they cute and stylish, they smell AMAZING and come in an endless amount of designs. By offering these freshies, you are supporting a small woman owned business who celebrates every sale! To check out a list of available scents, please COPY AND PASTE the link in your browser, you MUST copy and paste as clicking on it won't open the link: There is an additional charge for choosing your scent/color. You can select customization under each freshie and type it in. The decorations vary based on season and availability. If choosing color: I have almost 100 colors. Please choose a color family instead of specific colors as it is impossible to remember what color I sent last time or what color is in the picture. I try to offer a variety of styles so that each freshie is unique.