BeautyPro HAND THERAPY Glove Collagen Infused Glove

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BeautyPro HAND THERAPY Glove Collagen Infused Glove with Removable Finger Tips.

For when your hands are needing a little TLC, this deeply nourishing and hydrating treatment will be perfect for you. BeautyPro Hand Therapy will leave your hands feeling silky smooth, whilst also providing an anti-ageing treatment. The gloves are enriched with collagen and fruit extracts.


Deeply nourishing treatment for the hands Removable glove tips Fine to use with Gel polish and Extensions

Is Hand Therapy right for me? Yes, if your hands are feeling dry or dehydrated, these gloves will be leaving your hands rehydrated and intensely softer.

Advice: external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and damaged skin. In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water. Discontinue use if irritation occurs and rinse with water. Keep out of reach of children.