Daily Strength for Mothers (Mother's Day Gifts - Devotional)

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There are moments in motherhood where life feels like one endless task. Where nothing seems to get done even though you’ve been working at it (what was “it” again?) all day. The dishes, the diapers, the homework assignments, the grocery shopping, the sporting events, the music lessons. Then it’s time for the evening cycle. Dinner, laundry, baths, story time, and the age-old, half-hour “but I don’t want to go to bed” drama. It’s enough to exhaust the most energetic person on earth. And tomorrow you get to do it all again. As a mother, staying strong amidst the continual depletion of reserves is no simple task. When we create time in our schedules to get quiet before God, something powerful happens. He gives us supernatural strength. He floods our minds with peace. He restores our joy. And he whispers to the deepest part of our hearts that it all matters. That we matter. Features: faux leather cover, 384 pages, ribbon marker