Love Always Devotional

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The first days or weeks of marriage might feel easy; loving your spouse is as natural as breathing. But if you've been married for longer than a month, you've likely run into times when choosing love requires effort-sometimes a lot of effort. What would it look like to always protect each other? How can you trust when trust has been broken? Is there hope for a relationship that feels like a constant struggle? What can you do to persevere in the moments you want to yell, cry, throw things, run away, or do all of the above?

Commit your marriage to God. Spend time in his presence together. Use this devotional as a tool strengthen your marriage. It will encourage you to dive into God's Word, seek his wisdom, ask for help, and lean into his love. You cannot always choose love in your own strength, but everything is possible with God, and God is love. So, you can love because he loves you-always.

Features: faux leather binding, 384 pages, ribbon marker