Taking Care Of Business

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When it comes to making big decisions in both our personal and professional lives, many of us experience anxiety, fear, and confusion. But there is only one way to forge ahead with courage and confidence: God's guidance.

In Taking Care of Business, Dr. Gene Allen shares his story of astonishing success and demonstrates how leaps of faith can change your life and livelihood.

Featuring practical applications and indispensable insight, this book will empower you to:

  • tackle business ventures and career changes with boldness,
  • cultivate resilience,
  • transform failures into triumphs,
  • recognize signs of God's intervention, and
  • produce earthly and eternal fruits beyond your wildest dreams.

You can face any detour or fork in the road with peace when you trust God's perfect plans. Ignite your ambitious heart and experience all the blessings he has for you.

Features: softcover, 208 pages, author: Dr. Gene Allen